The Pembury


Luxury living with efficient design

The scenario

Our clients approached us from a previous client’s referral hoping to build an efficient but traditional family home. Based in Sussex they came to us with an image of a Georgian home they fell in love with, and Benjamin Allen Construction undertook the design taking into consideration the external facade but altering to floor plans to suit them and their family. Benjamin Allen Construction managed the planning process and then undertook the full turnkey build to provide our clients with an outstanding family home.

The challenge

The main challenge for the project was to meet current building regulation, whilst incorporating modern technologies without compromising the external façade.


By embracing large timber sash windows combined with the clean lime rendered elevations creates a true contrast with the traditional Welsh slate roof. Our client’s choice of timber sash windows, though traditional in style, are extremely energy efficient to meet the energy efficient demands of today’s homes.


The prominent central entrance stone portico, cast stone heads and window sills were commissioned to suit the Georgian design. Further details such as soffit cornice and lead copings complete this beautiful home and enhance the proportional relationship.


The regulated slate roof is enhanced by the lead dormers and rolled lead hips. The shallower the roof, the more dominant the façade, meaning that Georgians – who really valued kerb appeal – tended to either opt for a very shallow pitch or they would cover part of it with a parapet — either way, reducing its impact.

The specifics

The addition of false windows on the elevation is a characteristic that was evident in Georgian houses and was caused by the window tax levied on homeowners between 1696 and 1851. The window tax was in the place of income tax – the more windows a home had, the bigger it was and the wealthier the owner.



The outcome

The focus for Benjamin Allen is now the internals of this wonderful project. Successful Georgian interior design is all about proportions too. In general, the ceiling heights on the ground floor should be taller than those on the first floor; those on the first taller than those on the second. This feature has been implemented on the project.


As in any new self-build a client likes to add individuality and this is where the client can to choose their own kitchen, bathrooms, flooring allowing Benjamin Allen to carefully integrate them into the home.