Timber frame homes

High green credentials and low running costs, matched by precise engineering quality.

Timber has many properties that make it a leading material for construction in our contemporary environment.

Timber contains less embodied energy than its counterparts and is one of the few renewable structural building materials available to house builders today. It’s a strong, durable, eco-friendly option for any home builder who wants to create a stunning property whilst considering the impact of their work on the wider environment. 

The benefits of timber frame homes at a glance.

Fully engineered construction system

Frames can be customised without compromising on quality.

Quick to construct

On average, a self-build timber frame requires 20 per cent fewer on-site labour days

Can be erected at any time of year

Timber frames are ideal for projects that cannot be halted by bad weather.

Watertight quickly

This allows the internal fit-out to be achieved faster.

Flexible design options

Timber frame systems can be designed and adapted for use on all types of structures.

Advanced thermal performance

Timber frames can be engineered to achieve low U-values.

Superior acoustic properties

Our timber frame structures can be engineered to dramatically exceed statutory regulations.

Reduced waste

Keep your carbon footprint to a minimum and increase cost efficiencies in the process.

The ultimate self-build solution.

Traditional brick and block houses have two ‘leaves’. Generally speaking, the outer leaf is constructed from brick, the inner leaf from block, and the cavity in between the two is filled with insulation.

Timber frame does away with the block inner skin and replaces it with a robust structural wooden frame. Once the frame is erected, an external outer skin of brickwork is installed on site. Exterior walls are still built in the conventional way, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of utilising a timber frame inside your home, without compromising on the strength afforded by conventional brick walls on the outside.

Utilising the natural insulating properties of wood.

Nowadays, all new buildings must conform to new thermal efficiency standards. However, because wood is such a good natural insulator and can be used to enhance the efficiency of other insulation materials, timber frame buildings have been meeting or exceeding these standards for years.

They are more comfortable to live in, too. Thanks to the enhanced thermal efficiency of the structural shell, your whole home will heat up more quickly, without any cold spots. Better insulation combined with detailed draught-proofing means a smaller boiler, lower heating bills and a cosier experience all round.

A sustainable choice, with no compromise needed.

Timber frames are compliant with the technical standards that have recently been added to the UK’s Building Regulations, as well as the Lifetime Homes concept. Clearly, then, timber materials are a reliable choice for any self-builder who is looking to create a beautiful, practical, environmentally conscious home that is held in high regard by regulators and can be easily customised to meet their own design demands.  


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