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A guide to Georgian design

Proving to be one of our most requested new build styles of home, Georgian dwellings have a distinctive appearance dating back hundreds of years.

Georgian houses were built in a style that was popular in England between 1715-1830, during the reigns of the four King George, hence the term Georgian comes from the monarchs. Although it is commonly associated with the reigns of King George, in fact in reality it is directly tied to the work of English Architect Christopher Wren.

When we begin the design stage, we consider our client’s wish list with our architect coupled with the typical characteristics of a Georgian home, with the main features being:

  • Square symmetrical layouts with a focus on grand entertaining spaces.
  • Rows of horizontal, evenly spaced sashed windows on each floor of the home generally taller on the ground floor where principal rooms are featured.
  • Usually, 2-3 storeys with a chimney on each end of the house.
  • Entertaining spaces focused around fireplaces.
  • Large panelled front door, usually topped off with a pediment or Arch. The doorway is often framed with a stone portico or feature timber porches.
  • Tall ceilings and internal doors with feature joinery.
  • More elaborate homes had a main staircase and a secondary back staircase for staff, but in more modern times there would be just one staircase of straight flights joined by landings, or winding flight for each storey.
  • Large stairwell galleries emphasising the feeling of grandeur from the moment you enter.

Comments from previous client of Georgian inspired homes:

Once completed we often hear feedback from our clients that the layout of their Georgian inspired homes works great for family living creating designated rooms when not socialising, but allowing the flexibility when clients have guests to take full use of the large grand rooms synonymous with Georgian properties.

Clients often mention that although in modern times there has become a tendency for more muted colour palates don’t be afraid of strong and vibrant colours, found traditionally in Georgian properties.