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Timber frame construction.

At Benjamin Allen Construction we often get asked why choose timber frame construction over traditional masonry construction being that we specialise in both.


One of the main benefits of timber frame construction is the flexibility in design. Due to timber frame being classed as a lightweight form of construction, the loads on the structure are far less than masonry construction. This means that to support the structure the requirements for steels and glulam beams are greatly reduced with complexed designs. Where a design has sections cantilevered, this is far more attainable with timber frame construction, so for modern builds where this is featured, we would recommend timber frame construction.


With timber frame construction it is far easier to achieve the required U-Value within the structure as we are able to insulate between the structure. At Benjamin Allen Construction we use 140mm PIR insulation between our 147mm x 47mm TR26 studs which is then internally clad over the face with 25mm PIR insulation to achieve a U-Value of 0.17 W/m²K and air tightness performance. This coupled with our extremely efficient heating system creates extremely low running cost for your future home.


Dependant on the scale of your new home from slab level to the dwelling being weather tight can be a quick as 3 weeks. As the timber frame can be erected in all conditions our in-house frame team are not governed by the unpredictable British weather than can sometimes delay traditional builds. With the frame being weather tight so efficiently, we are able to commence first fix electrics and plumbing and other items on the critical path to completion far sooner than masonry construction, meaning not only will your new home be complete sooner for you to enjoy, but also the end day is not governed in anyway by external factors.


With high U-value and low thermal mass, our in-house timber frames are extremely energy efficient and comfortable to live in. Timber also has a very low carbon footprint, and we pride ourselves on sourcing our timber as locally as possible to reduce your new homes carbon footprint. Another benefit of timber frame is the carbon output in production is far lower than masonry during the production of cement and heating of blocks.

There are pros and cons to all forms of construction and at Benjamin Allen Construction, with our expertise, can discuss this with you to determine which best suits you and your future home!